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    Weight Help! Please

    Hey bro's

    I am just trying to cut down some bodyfat while still trying to keep my mass and muscle. I tried dieting a couple weeks ago and dropped 10 pnds in 1 1/2 weeks but I dropped significally in my strength group. I was doing cardio everyday for about 1 hour. I have no clue how much calories I burned.

    I need some tips on what to eat and what not to eat. Also I stopped my huge amount of portein intake when I went on that diet. Can I get some advice on a good diet / cardio problem to take up on.

    I am eger to lose my weight. I want to weigh in at 190-195. I weigh about 210-213 right now. Time is no issue as long as I know I am working right and acheiving my goal.

    Thanks guys and I hope you can help me cause it will really be apreciated.

    Thanks again!

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    You may try the diet forum.

    But, dropping the protien was a bad thing. Keep it very high. Instead lower the carbs and fat. Id stay away from saturated fat and high GI carbs.

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    yeah u prolyl lost alot of muscle, kinda bad.. uhm if i were u i would do 30 minutes of cardio after na intense workout !

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    Billy_Bathgate is right. Your body burns three things for energy. Fat, Carbs, and Protein(Muscle). If your drop your fat, and carb intake it is essential that you raise your protein intake to counter catabolism. Your best bet is to either try posting this in the Diet forum or hiring a personal trainer. Also 1 hour of cardio is high IMO.

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