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    Fake Sustanon? Please help me out guys!!

    I am currently in week six of my sustanon /finaplix /winstrol cycle. I have put on about 19 pounds already and i am significantly bigger. The only problem i am having is with the sus. I have three different types of amps. I have the russian cyctahoh, a portugese version, and this green and white label one. Now i started with the russian but everything i have now is from a different person because i shot too many and broke a few of my original ones i had started with. So now here is my problem. The green and white label leaves me sore for a day or two after. The other two i dont feel any soreness what so ever. I have matched the sus up with pics and they all seem 100% legit and my source is a pretty good friend of mine. I also tasted all three of them and they all burn my tongue and make it numb. WTF is the deal here guys. I use proper injection procedure and all of that but i really just dont get it. Do you guys think that it is fake or what because the other russian that i had started with left me sore for a few days but that was in my deltoid. Let me also inform u that all my shots are in my glute now could that be the difference and if so why am i sore from the green then. Any help would be appreciated.

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    well for some reason some sus hurt more then others, why?, I have no clue, you think it should be all the same since they are all legit with the same ingredents in them. like the yellow katachi hurts like a bitch but the infar to me has no pain. It goes for d-bol as well naps heard gives less water retention and thai's gives more, there both dbol 's they should all be the same...but there to answer the question dunno, but ill bump this thats for sure

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    some labs use BA whereas other labs use other chemicals in its place. BA tends to hurt, especially if you tend to react adversely to it. ill bump this for more theories...

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    Same boat bro... except the other way around....
    I started out with the cyctahohs which hurt like a bitch. Then I switched over to infar green and white labels and they dont hurt AT ALL. i only feel it a little bit when i go into quads. judging from results i know both are legit. Don't go by the pain factor or the taste factor, etc. as monsterco said it's usually the BA that hurts so much, and the amounts and ingredients vary from company to company, from batch to batch, so you're most likely good to go.

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    Yeah Monster Im with you, I think it's the BA content. Even if they both use BA the concentration could prolly be different. Maybe ask Billy, he's always ontop of the technical sheit.

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