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Thread: Clen and Lungs

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    Clen and Lungs

    I started Clen about 4 days ago and besides the usual symptoms I notice that I'm coughing more and getting more mucus up from the lungs -- I had a cold just as I started. And I remember reading somewhere that Clen can trigger asthma as well as treat it (I don't have it).

    Doing a search on Clen and lung, I came up with an old post about a veterinary clen product (ventilim or something) which says that it opens up airways in horses and helps to stop them hacking. It also says it prompts more mucus secretion. So I guess it's alright.

    Any one else have similar experience? Anything to worry about? When does it go away?

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    Well I havent heard about too many people having that happen to them from clen but if you read an older post about it than taht could be true. Really i would make sure its not the cold first before worrying about it.

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    I don't think Clen would cause such a thing, sounds like to me, that possibly, you may have not gotten the cold completely out of your system and when you started taking clen, it may have lowered your immune system even more. I have never heard of clen doing this sort of thing, however I have heard of people feeling nausiated, dizzy, short of breath, shakes, headaches, etc.
    Clen is used to treat ashma in some cases, so therefore it should open the airways in your lungs not make them fill with mucus and fluid.

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