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    Question First time here! first cycle

    Hello everyone. I've been reading the forums here and learned alot from you'll. To tell you'll alittle bit of myself. I'm 27 yrs of age, 6'0 at 183 lbs. I've been working out for about 10 yrs so far and I decide to take it to the next level!
    What I got is Deca300 andTest400. Could you'll give me some ideas how to start my first cycle? That would really help. I just want to do it right. Hope to hear from you'll and thank you for your time.

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    deca : weeks 1 - 10: 400mg/ew

    test400: weeks 1 - 10: 500mg/ew

    you should also think about anti-estrogens like novaldex and arimidex , i never ran them, but u might need them incase of gyno

    get clomid as well and some hcg i find works very well, most people say that hcg isnt needed but it might work. for this cycle u only need clomid at the end. good luck! more ppl will give opinions soon !

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    wk1-10 500mg test
    wk1-10 400mg Deca
    Clomid 3 wks after last shot. With Deca in your cycle, you'll want to extend clomid therapy to 4wks

    I would suggest taking an anti-e throughout the cycle. 1mg of l-dex would work nicely and cut some of the bloat out that you'll surely get from that combo. Have nolva on hand in case of gyno symptoms and if you can get your hands on Bromocriptine, then pick some up as it will help in subsiding the gyno symptoms if they should arise.

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    Go with the test alone, then add the deca on your next cycle. You have fresh receptors, so you don't need more then 500mg. Your receptors can only handle so much juice and what they don't accept has a high possibility of converting to an unwanted side effect.


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