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    Has anyone found it hard to inject Test D250?

    I just got a mate to put 2ml in my shoulder and it was a tough as hell to go in using an orange needle. He was putting loads of presure on it but it still took ages.

    Im starting on Trenbolone 3 times a week next week, could i mix the Test Depot 250 up with this to make it go in a bit easier?

    Any tips let me know. I dont really want to be putting needles in my back side, i'd like to stick with whacking it in my shoulders.

    Cheers K

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    you can mix them. id definately hit the glutes by the way. its my favorite injection site by far. not much pain, least number of veins and nerves, nice and big. 500 mgs of any test in your delt is gonna hurt like a bitch no matter what you do. i wouldnt shoot more than 1 or 1.5 cc in a delt personally.

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