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    low down on liquidex

    Can anyone tell me what size bottle liquidex comes in, and also how many mg per ml it contains, and a price range if possible? I recently developed small lumps under my nipples, and I'm freaking out. Im taking nolvadex already but the lumps have gotten bigger and they hurt. I have heard that liquidex will prevent bitch tit, does anything help make it go away once it is already there?

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    liquidex usually comes in 1mg/ml and 30ml vials are common ranging from 50-80$. About your problem, you are doing the right thing by taking the nolvadex and since you didnt state your dosage right now, try taking 80mg's every day untill the lumps and pain go down, then slowly taper down to around 10mg for the rest of the cycle. It cant hurt to run hte liquidex now, but it is for preventing gyno, not getting rid of it once it occurs (opposite usage of nolvadex).

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