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    What is propianate? In ara-test?

    I asked earlier is ara-test the same as sustanon . someone said it is enthanate 200 and propiante 50mg, can someone tell me what this means!

    2nd question, the bottle i got seems to look like a normal steroid . do fakes appear to look just like the real thing? or are they obvious? How do i tell the differance. please answer the questions the way i asked! no offense some people get side tract and i get confused! Thanks guys!

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    bro ust pretty much self expalnitory ,it consist of 200 mg of test enenthate and 50n mg of test propianate,
    i think ur safe on that havent seen too many fakes of aratest but theyre shitty fakes and reall good ones ,if its agood knock off then good luck tryin to soo if its legit .these days they even get the holograms on the fakes aswell

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