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    Sex Drive Question

    OK - Im in week 7 of a 10 week cycle. Doing 500mg of Test E weeks 1-10, 500mg of EQ weeks 1-10 and 30 mg d-bol weeks 1-4.

    When I started this puppy, I was f'in horny ALL the time. Since week 5, the sex drive seems to have taken a hit. I can get hard if I stroke it, but making out, getting naked, stuff that would usually get me hard isn't doing it anymore. From what I have read, the test in this cycle should have kept the little one happy - am I just messed up, or is what Im experiencing normal. I have a few "weekends of fun" coming up when I'd like to put the little one to work - what can I do?

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    This is typical, as after the dbol stops you lose sex drive, so at week 5 this was bound to happen. Maybe some viagra or clomid will do the trick
    Good luck.


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    Ya same thing happened to me while I was on test, w/ a lil dbol at the begining. Once those 4 weeks were up It was harder to be 'normal'. But i guess thats the price u have to pay w/ this stuff. About 3 weeks after i was done tho everything seemed to be fine. Good luck man, and maybe viagra would help

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