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    fina and winstrol

    some one told me that winstrol combats against fina gyno. Is this true and if so does anyone have facts to back it up. the only reason i am asking is that i have some small soft gyno from puberty but have done 4 or 5 cycles and never got estrogen related gyno. but they say if have some gyno and you take fina then prepare for tits. any thoughts. i have posted several questions along these lines. but I wanted some real good feed back.

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    well, i don't think that is entirely true...

    winstrol itself doesn't aromatize, so you won't develop gyno from it alone.

    fina increases prolactin levels which causes different gyno than high estrogen levels.

    just because you don't have a full blown case of it yet doesn't mean you should think that winstrol itself will prevent gyno from fina.

    take bromocriptine/B6 if you want to do it right and not take your chances.

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