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    New member with a question on a cycle

    I'm 5'9" 195 I've got about 15% BF I was thinking of doing winny 50mg eod and deca 200mg for 10 weeks. I wanna slim up a little bit but still gain a little mass. Maybe get to 205-210lb. What do you guys think?

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    Ya like he said, and If your trying to slim up i dont know about using deca . If ur deffinatly goin to juice base it on a test then go from there.

    Just wake up on an empty stomach and run, then eat clean for a while see how that works first.

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    No flame here bro, but first off, deca should be ran at a minimum of 300mg/wk for it to effective. Second, its very hard to cut while cycling deca. Your diet and training will have to near flawless. Deca is used more in bulking/mass and strength cycles. How 'bout doing some research on EQ, anavar , prop, primo, fina and get back to us after putting together your cycle. Whats your cycle expirience?

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