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    17 days on fina and...........

    hey guys just wondering is this good or bad, gained 7 pounds in 17 days on this cycle.
    week 1-8 tren 100mg ED
    week 1-8 test 500mg EW
    week 3-10 winny 50mg ED

    When does the tren start to kick in? ....thanx guys just wondering.......

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    3-4 weeks is when you should see the massive strength gains come into play with tren ...7 pounds may be attributed to water and some gains, but not very likely as you are less than 3 weeks in.

    still, not bad so far.

    don't expect to gain much more mass with a tren/test cycle as it will harden you up when coupled with the winny and also lean you out a bit.

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    Well, I don't get the full feeling from tren untill about the 3rd wk but it's not a big mass gainer anyway. Whats your test? Prop?

    If your using Prop, then I'd say your gains are not bad. If your using a long ester, then I would say the best has yet to come

    Your cycle looks like a fair cutter, not a bulker(allthough diet dictates that more than anything)

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    Waaaaaaz up my brudda!! Ya id say with the tren and prop combo the 7lbs is mroe then likely water weight. I happen to retain allot of water on prop for some reason....errrrrrr Good luck!!

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