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Thread: Test Question?

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    Test Question?

    Does the amount of test you take depend on the type you take? Like 50mg of prop is the same as 100mg of Cyp. Or is test just test? the only reason I ask is because I see some people doing 750Mgs of Sust for one cycle and then using 500mgs of Cyp. the next time around. CAn someone please explain?


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    I think the reason you see some people using 750mg of sust is because it is best used if shot eod. To most people this means an amp a day on m/w/f. Cyp or enanthate is actually easier to dose in just one or two shots per week. This is just my opinion, and could be wrong, but it sounds good.
    Also, there are differences in the amount of actual test you get from different esters. I don't know exactly what the values are, but for instance, since enanthate is a longer (and therefore heavier) ester than the prop ester, the same mg of test prop contains more actual test than the same mg of enanthate. It seems like I saw that 500mg of enanthate would be equivilent to around 434mg of prop, but that's just from my memory. Maybe we could get Billy Bathgate to elaborate on this a little more?


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