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    advice please ...future leaning cycle

    awesome place to learn here
    only thing is finding where certain topics go.

    first off i dont plan on taking anything for weeks. im not looking to do this as a quick fix to an unhealthy lifestyle.

    i first started with my diet. i changed from eating pure junk to a healthy one that ofcourse could use some improvements.

    for you average guys, whats your off-cycle diets look like?
    carbs PROTEIN calories?

    well after my diet began i also began some good cardio. that too can be better.
    again whats a good cardio workout look like? both indoor and outdoor?

    and i finally got back to the gym. basic training with high reps to trim some body fat. im 5' 9" with prolly somewhere near 20% body fat, but that has gone down in the last 8 weeks since i started taking it serious.

    before i even thought about gear, i had to start elsewhere.

    in a while id like to take a cycle to aid in the leaning process. the reason im asking now and not then is the fact of availablitlity. my guy can get what i need now, but who knows how long that will last.

    again i dont plan on doing this right away so what is the shelf life for some of this gear?

    what would be a suggested cycle that rips/stenghtens?
    not looking to get big yet just loose this fat.maybe after i lean down, then think about bulking up.

    this is whats around.

    i read the novice cycles on the main page but arent quite sure what would works best for what im looking for.
    would the 8 week winny/eq cycle work best for me when im ready?
    it said 50mg eod a week for 8 weeks of winny and 350mg of eq for 8 weeks.
    anythig else i need to take like clomide or hcg ? i read the clomid thread and the hcg thread but im still at a loss on if i would need them or not for my situation.
    if so how does it get dosed?

    basically better cycle information for a novice. im goona go read somemore, so any advice or insight would be much appreciated.

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    well first off I don't consider weeks of training and dieting enough to start a cycle. Most of us trained years naturally before we looked to gear. IMO your a long way away from being ready for a cycle.

    Plus it looks like you want to cut. I know you see lots of guys say there on cutting stacks. However gear doesn't cut you. A cutting stack merely means there trying to gain lean mass while there cutting with a diet. Diet and cardio is the only true way to cut down. I myself learned that the hard way.

    If your cutting try a diet of 60% protein, 25% carbs and 15% fats. Keep all the carbs to clean whole grain carbs and avoid starches. Try to get most of the fats from omega 3 fats. Try cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Work you way up to 30 min every morning. You could also try Xenadrine or another ECA stack. Cutting is very hard and takes real dedication so what ever you do stick to it.

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