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    Question What is this? Clomid/Nolvadex

    Ok I ordered my clomid and nolvadex therapy and it arrived today.

    The packages read

    Zymoplex (Tamoxifen as Citrate 20mg) and
    Serpatar (Clomiphene citrate 50mg)

    Is that what the packages are supposes to read?

    I am going to do the clomid 300/100/50 3 weeks after my sust ends, but what should I do with the nolvadex?

    My cycle looks like this:
    I am 22
    205 lbs
    week 1-10 sust 125mg EOD
    week 8-13 winny 50mg/day
    week 13-16 clomid

    where does the novadex fit in? A friend of mine said to take 40mg a week to keep my E-Levels down. Is this a valid statement? Thanks


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    Most keep it to the side incase gyno symptoms appear. Personally, I would take 10mg a day throughout the entire cycle including clomid

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    tomaxofin is the generic name for nolvadex , and the clomid are legit run the nolva at 20mg through out the cycle and up it to 60mg ed during clomid intake...Madmax

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    I have had to use Nolvadex during my cycles, but I have only taken it when I begin to get signs of gyno. For me about 40mg "Nolvadex" a day for about a week and the signs go away. I wouldnt use it unless you have to though. I am sure you will get different opinions from everyone about this.

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