Hi... How r all u doing? Ok, I am going on my 3rd cycle. My first cycle that i did was exactly one year ago today. I used way to much shit for my first cycle. I started with just 400 mg enthanate and I grew like a madman, allthough i was holding a shitload of water because I was probably only eating 70% clean at the time... but my bodyfat was 10% at the time (genetics). I was adviced just to take 400 maybe 600 mgs for 6-8 weeks from bodybuilder that I work with (personal trainer), but as I grew I got very greedy, I wanted to get bigger and bigger.. the next thing I knew i was shooting fina everyday (very painful), sustanon 250 (went up to 1000mgs for 2 weeks), extra propinate (no idea why), and took some winny orals and clomid to finish it off. When i say that i grew I grew... I went from 190 lbs to 228lbs in 3 months.... I felt great.. great pumps, strength, hardness... u guys know the feeling... Fortunatly I held alot of that weight because i continued to workhard and eat everything in sight. But of course I lost alot of the water weight that i had gained. I took a very short cycle 6 weeks 500mgs sust, d-bols (1st 4 weeks), 400 - 600mgs deca (norma) and zamboine winny last 4 weeks e/d... I looked good but of course i felt small (like we all do) I was 205lbs 7%... I am ready to start my third cycle I will be going on for 12 weeks.. Currently I am ready to start with test eth 250mgs, norma deca (greece), and propinate to get started... I was wondering if anyone could tell what to add to this cycle? and how I should time all of them... I know the prop. needs to be administered eod, test once a week, deca once a week, but should I start them all at once? What dp I need to add to this? I am 5'9 205lbs 10%. I would like to bulk up for now but obviously keep the water weight down. Thanks and i look foward to your feedback (peace)