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    Liquidex with cycle

    I will be running a test only cycle for 10 weeks, at 500mg each week. I will have Nolvadex and Clomid. My question is... I already have a small case of gyno and I dont want it to get worse, should I take liquidex with my cycle throughout to make sure this does not get worse? If so, how should I dose it?

    Also, my first cycle was an 8 week cycle of d-bol 20mg a day. Will my liver values return to normal overtime? I didnt take a liver protectant because I didnt think 20mg a day would make it work too hard. What could I take to help my liver values go back up? Thnx guys for any help

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    Weren't u the guy that was going to the Dr. for the gyno?
    Next time u do a cycle I would run nolva throughout it since u know your prone to gyno.
    If you do decide to run 17aa's next time around then use milkthissle or ala starting 10 days b4 ur cycle starts and run it throughout the use of 17aa's.
    And don't be so anxious to jump right back on. Take your time and plan out a good cycle and you'll be much more pleased w/ your results..

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