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    Anyone had a painful testicle while on AS?

    Or do i need to go to the doc? Cant feel any lumps, both seem to have shrunk a bit which is normal when on Test D250 & Winny.

    One of them is really acheing like hell. Feels like ive been kicked in the nuts if i touch it.

    Any guys out there experienced anything like this? Its been like it for about 3 days now!

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    Get on some saw palmetto or beta sitosterol. This is probably pain from your prostrate which tends to enlarge while using test. If it persists I'd see a doc asap, you don't wanna jack up your prostrate bro.

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    Yup, I've had that happen, usually within the first couple weeks... my boy gets that too. It usually only lasts for a day or 2 and then goes away. I think it's because of the initial atrophy. What you need to do get your girl to go down on you and massage them while she's doing her thing... works everytime I swear it!

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