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    8lbs in 21 days is too fast??

    hey guys my 3rd week just finished im down 8lbs from 198 to 190 as of today... my strength has increased in most lifts except on squats, thats whats buggin me , i can even say i lost a bit of strength while doin heavy squats, do u think thats cause im lossin some muscle or is that cause im on a 2500 cal diet ?

    btw im doin 75mg fina ed (.7 cc) and 75mg test prop ( .7cc) iv been on the prop for just 6 days

    so 8lbs in 21days, u think im lossin too much too fast??

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    seems about don't want to lose more than 2 lb a week.

    as long as your strenght is up......sweet means you are holding onto muscle which is what we all want when dieting

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    When I am slimming down, I try to keep it right at 1lb a week. I dont seem to lose to much strenth or muscle that way.

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