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    Question suggestions for next cycle

    hi all,
    okay everyone has helped me sort my current cycle out perfectly,growing like a demon and strength like i have never.
    my stats:26yrs,9.2%bf,9 odd cycles,200lbs.10yrs expierience.
    my current cycle:
    week 1-2 sust 500mg
    week 3-10 sust bumped to 750mg
    week 1-10 400mg deca
    week 1-4 d.bol 25mg ed
    week 8-13 winny 50mg ed
    clomid postcycle (4 weeks) and clen 2weeks on 2 off for 8 weeks (starting with the clomid)
    nolva at 20mg throughout

    1.i am currently ending week 3 and want to have my next cycle stocked and ready to go,go figure.i am taking 3 months off after goals are to stay lean but continue to grow while staying hard for summer,i was thinking of running this check it out tweak if possible or throw some personal suggestions please

    next cycle:
    week 1-10 eq 400mg
    week 1-10 test cypionate or sust again (not sure,suggestions)
    week 8-13 winny 50mg ed
    clomid post cycle
    nolva throughout at 20mg daily

    the cycle is very similar and was concerned about how the body will react to a cycle close to what i have just done.
    i have facility to sust,deca,winny(inj),test cyp,eq,d.bol).

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    I would bump the EQ dose to 600 and keep the test the same. Besides that, it should be fine

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