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    aspirating..its been said before

    to those of you who dont think it can happen to you. today, in my second week of injections (third so far overall), i hit a vein in the upper outer part of right glute. yup, the blood came dripping in the syringe, and wow was i shocked. switched pins, and i went to my quad out of fear of poking in the glute again.

    just a reminder to always aspirate . even in the glutes, where its a bitch to do so. everyone wants the muscle, but dont risk your life over it.
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    lol , thats funny bro its hard to find a vein that area.. i hit a vein on my first calf injection though...

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    yeah bro, you must have some bad luck to have already hit a vein in the glute... the area where you have the least chance of hitting one in the first place. Let alone this is only your third shot.

    I was lucky last cycle to have only hit the jackpot once out of 100+ shots. Funny because when I did draw blood, I was thinking that I was having good luck so far for not hitting a vein yet... and this was right before I aspirated. Strange.

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    Ive only hit a vein once in my bicep but never anywhere else. I guess ive just got lucky so far.

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