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    Frontloading Question

    I'm curious what the point of frontloading long acting esters is. How is this more beneficial than using a constant dose? I see guys on a Test-Deca cycle with a bigger dose at the first week or two. I'm interested in why this is.

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    Here you go...
    The priciples of frontloading
    Attached to this thread is a spreadsheet by painintheazz that explains it pretty well.


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    It gets your blood levels up to the peak dose sooner. It can take up to 7 weeks to get to your peak level, frontload gets you there faster. I think doing your weekly dose + 25% on the first day is the best way to go. It'll get you there in 3 weeks and you won't go over what your peak dose would be, like with a double dose for 1-2 weeks.


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