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    tompatiger is offline New Member
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    Hi guys,

    I'm on this cycle right now (week1 of 6weeks)

    Deca Durabolin (Norma Hellas) 200mg/week
    Primabolan Depot (Schering Greece) 100mg/week

    what results can I expect? Is this the right dosage?

    I 'm thinking of adding 15-25mg of Dianabol the last 4 weeks.... I want good results, but I want to stay relative safe.

    what do you think?


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    tdzzii72 is offline Associate Member
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    May 2003
    My friend is on the same cycle right now without the dianabol and he is already starting to cut up from it. He is on his 3rd week right now. The thing is he has really good genetics so it is hard to compare him without knowing your stats.

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    Whoisdaman is offline Senior Member
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    personally I think you would be happier if you added a test in there, prop would be best since you are only running a 6 week cycle. If you went that route you wouldn't need the dbol .

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    joey ballz is offline New Member
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    IMO if you had the dbol along with everything else b4 u started, dbol should of been weeks 1-4 the deca and primo are straight but you'll get some results....deca should definitely be ran for at least 10 weeks cuz it takes a couple of weeks to kick in...but who knows everyone is different so you just might get what your looking for in a 6 week cycle...good luck bra!

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