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    my sweet board!!

    hi to all bros!!!!!hope everyone is pretty fine, wanna take an advice on it is ;well finished my cycle for about 1 week before did primo susta cycle 2200 mg nearly but want to do another susta cycle,nearly 2500 mg after how many weeks do have to start this new cycle?my last cycle took 6 weeks also...REGARDS TO MEMBERS take care ALOT

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    General rule is time off = time on. But sust has a few longer last esters in it so give it a few extra weeks to let your receptors recharge. 8-10 weeks to be safe.

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    Depends on what you did to get your test production cranking. After a cycle of deco for instance you might be shut down for months, if nothing was done.
    For post cycle procedures use search function.

    So basically have an endoscreen done to make sure your HPTA is working before embarking on another cycle.

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