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    Newbie INTRO & 1st cycle advice

    whats up fellas ... new to AR and found lots of great advice!
    I'm planning my 1st cycle in years (like 8) and wanted to run it by you.
    I'm 32 5'9" 188lbs 18-19% BF great upper body, abs are my weak spot.

    The cycle I had in mind:
    Dbol 30mg daily weeks: 1-4
    Test E or Cyp 500mg weekly (250mg twice a week) weeks 1-12
    Clomid - Post Cycle

    1) Should I add Proviron ?
    2) Should I split the test injection 250mg 2x weekly?

    To add mass and strength


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    Welcome to the board. You look like you have a good basic cycle. Adding Proviron is up to you but I would at the very least have Nolvadex on hand or use another anti-e throughout your cycle. At your age (my age too) anti-e's become more and more critical. I would inject the test twice a week to keep levels a little more stable. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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    good ol rickson! he was on top of things!

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    I'm at the end of week one on a similar cycle. I went ahead and added proviron ED. In my opinion, you can never be too safe... especially if you don't know how you react. Just my 2cents. You might want to add some deca or EQ to your cycle. 400mg a week of deca (200 w/ each 250 of test) may lead to even greater gains as well as ease in joint pain. Also, I've been told the test injections are much less painful when mixed with deca in the same pin. Good luck to you.

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    looks good maybe add deca or eq possibly.

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    that test dbol cycle will be great. I agree with Rickson, run an anti-estrogen, proviron is liked, some dont use it because of hairloss, but thats genetic. liquidex is popular, and I myself you nolvadex 20-40mgs ED depending on my dosages.

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    AHHH ... the 'ol "hair loss" problem! Well, baldness runs on my moms side of the fam. and at 32 I've been lucky so far BUT the hair is getting thinner so I'm going to reconsider Proviron , thanks for the heads up on that Iron Horse.
    I was gonna ask if I should add dec or eq .. I think I'll add deca to that cycle 10 weeks 400mg a week.
    I'll pick up some nolvadex .. seems to be the popular opinion. Thanks Ex and Rickson .. don't need high estrogen levels ... my girl friend has more than enough!!

    HEY EX .. are you saying mix 200mg of Deca with 250mg of Test and shoot twice a week? I think I read where you shoot mon. and thurs.
    Correct me if I'm wrong on the mix & shoot.

    I'm an old school juicer ... things have changed ALOT!!

    I appreciate the helps guys! I must be strong like man!

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