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    Primo exspectations

    hey guys whats up, im about 5'9 165 between 6 and 7% BF. i diet very well 6 days a week under 100g carbs a day, high protien , low fat and sunday is cheat day, not binge but a cheat meal or 2. i got to the gyn 5 sometimes 6 days a week. i have never done any juice yet i have researched the shit out of primo , winny , and clen . I have done clen but i didnt do it right, i did it for a week and stoped. as of now i take the normal, multi,b complex, glutamine, and some type of fat burner always. cardio i have in check 4 sometimes 5 days a week 30mon 3 days of which are in the AM on an empty stomach. Now to my question. My goal is to look as grainy as hell. I wanna look super hard and veiny maybe a tiny bit bigger. Im looking hard now and do have viens but i just wanna take it to the next level. if i did primo say 200mg-300mg a week what could i expect. as i said i dont wanna gain much i just want to dry out as much as possible, get alittle more ripped , hard and vieny looking. Those of you who have done primo or know people who have done it please reply with some info it would be so greatly appricited. Oh, and when i say those that have done primo or know ones who have i mean ppl that had there diet and program in check cause as we all know no drug can do all. thanks a lot

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    Ive done primo and winstrol , and think

    primo 100mgs EOD and winstrol at 50mgs ED you'd love

    as long as your ready too do a cycle, this is what i'd suggest.

    primo 100mgs EOD (8 weeks)
    winstrol 50mgs ED (4-10 week)

    start clomid the day after your last dose of winstrol,

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