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    do i need mega doses of gear?

    hello was just wondering... if a person had done the following steroids bfore hand would he be classed as someone who has done many cycles and would he require mega doses for his upcoming cycle?
    6 wk decca @ 200mg p/w
    10 wk sus @ 250mg p/w
    6 wk d-bol @ 20mg p/dy
    3 wk anadrol @ 1 tab/p/dy
    i know its a pretty messed up thing to do but its been done and the guys been off gear for 8 months and is going to do this cycle
    11 wk test enanthate @ 500mg p/wk
    11 wk 200mg decca p/wk
    6 wk d-bol @ 20mg p/dy
    nolvadex ,clen ,clomid ,proviron on hand
    with the low dose cycles over 25lbs of muscle was gained and maintained with explosive strength increases he now stands at 160lbs in weight @ 5'7 {hes been ill for 6 wks diaorreah lost over 13 kgs}
    would his proposed cycle with good diet give good gains?

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    tell HIM

    to come on and ask

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    I agree w/ would be best for him to join but to answer your ? briefly...The cycle u layed out is a low dose of AS IMO, especially for someone that's done many cycles.
    Something like this would be more effective:
    Week 1-12 Test e 750mgs
    Week 1-11 Deca 400mgs
    Week 1-4 D-bol 35mgs ed

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    i like Mbaraso's idea. try running higher doses.

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    That definitely wouldn't be classified as mega doses of gear. I agree with everyone else, I'd bump up the doses a bit. Perhaps something like this:
    Test E - 500mgs. per week 12 weeks
    Deca - 400mgs. per week 11 weeks
    D-Bol - 30mgs. per day weeks 1-4 ( or 1-6 )
    That's an alternative if you aren't confortable with the 750mgs. per week of Test like MBaraso suggested.

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