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    how many ml per injection

    how much can I load in ml for an injection? Is 6ml too much?? or what is the max........lookin at injection 300 test enan with 300 primo..except the primo is 50mg per ml.......and the test is 200 per ml........or should I inject half monday and the other wed or thursday? may even want to do 350 or 400 primo...........lookin for 15 lbs keep.......waht you all think........and how about doing winny after to harden up even more.........?????'

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    most standard syringes that you will inject with max at 3ml's.

    i wouldn't put any more than 1ml into smaller groups like bi's/tri's, 2 into delts or traps or 3ml into quads/glutes. you may be able to get by with 4, but that is a ton of liquid for one injection in the same muscle.

    the frequency of your injects depends on how often you want to do it. with the longer ester you could get by shooting the enth once a week or twice if you want to, but no one could tell u whether or not you will be saturated quicker one way or the other.

    as far as the primo, shoot 3mls a time 2x's a week.

    doesn't seem like you know much about this game bro, do yourself a favor and read up since questions like this can be answered with a few clicks.
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    Like Daem says:

    Delts: 2mls they fill fast and take time to absorb the Oil. It will look lie synthol if you go 2-3 weeks in a row in this area.

    Glutes/Quads:Honestly I like quads even better than glutes because I can do about 3 mls in them regularly.

    I never do mt Bi/tris just too many viens there.....It has never been an issue for me to try it in those areas.

    Calves: I did some Winny-V there once and it was OK besides the burn!!


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