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    Clomid during cycle

    I thought a saw a post on this a few days back. Did some searching and didn't find much. If the thread exists, just post the link.

    I noticed a few cycles of other users and they are running clomid either ED or EOD during the cycle. Is this correct? From what I understand, clomid is port cycle to bring one's natural test back to normal. Why would one do that?

    After thinking about it for a while, wouldn't clomid boost natural test levels if one wasn't currently using AS? I mean if the purpose of clomd is to bring natural test back to normal, wouldn't it boost one's test if their natural test was fine. Any insight?

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    Some ppl use clomid throughout the cycle to prevent total testicular shut down, however I don't really see a reason for it. If anything I would run HCG throughout a long cycle and use clomid at the end.
    As far as it boosting your natural test levals..I'm sure it would to a point but I don't think it would boost them high enough to really get alot of gains from it.

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