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    fina/deca cycle-also deca 50???

    Guys I just got back from Iraq and need to hit the gym hard. I lost 27lbs over there, that sucks.

    Anyway I have some fina and deca , first question is my friend I got the deca from said its deca 50??? he said its a strength and hardner, that I should take 3cc's a week has anyone heard of this, is it just another form of deca-durabolin ???

    My other quetion is, I here this could be a great stack, but that gyno is highly possible. Does anyone know, I have heard mixed things. thanks

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    Welcome back.
    The deca that you have is probably 50mgs per ml.
    I would suggest 300mgs per week for 10 weeks, and run the fina ed @ 75mgs.
    I'd also strongly encourge u to add test to this unless you don't wanna be using your dick.
    Week 1-11 Test 500mgs.
    Week 1-10 Deca 300mgs (or 400)
    Week 6-13 Fina 75mgs ed.
    clomid 2 days out.

    You should have nolva and or bromo on hand just incase.

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