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    What did i do to myself???

    whats up guys. i just took my shot on sunday morning, everything went fine, followed same strict procedures as always. This time my shit really hurts. I hardly ever get this sore in the glutes, i have a pain running from my ass down the back of my leg. When i bend down to pick up weights the it feels like a massive pain, almost like a hamstring pull or something. Its more so in the left than the right but it hurts on both sides. IS this just massive soreness or worse. U guys think this will subside. IT hurts a bit just sitting down.

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    You may have went too close to some nerves...or it could be as you say massive soreness. It should subside. If you still have pain in 5-7 days I would consider going for treatment.

    You could take some ibuprofen for a couple days for pain and swelling.

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    yep prolly went to close to a nerve maybe the the main sciatic nevre which runs ecatly how u said ,ull be ok

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    more than likely, a nerve, dont go so far into your ass. Next time, take your hand place it on your hip, fingers pointing down, thumb facing the front of you. The approxmate width of your hand is where you should inject, just dont shoot too low now, keep the shot slightly lower than your hip bone. You should never have a problem shooting inthis area.

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    you'll b ok

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