ok, here we go.
bulking with minimul water and fat!

test En. 250, 500 week 1 and 2, 250 week3
I couldn't get hold of the rest but can get Cyp. or Trenbolone , Eq., T.Prop., Sustenon.

Should I get the Cyp and add it in at the 3rd week with the 250 T. En. to make 500 and then go w/ 500 Cyp EW for 8 weeks?

Should I also Add in some Eq, or trenbolone?

Dbol 50mg ed weeks 1-5
deca 300mg/ml
Clomid on hand and nolvadox

-should I get Arimidex ?

I also have on hand: Winnie 50 tabs, anadrol50tabs, 500 ui Profasi HP, super clen , T3

did you get all that???J/k