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    Clomid doesage after this type of cyce?

    Ok my cycle went like this how should I take clomids,L-Dex, and nolv?

    Sust 500 mgs 11 weeks
    Eq 600 mgs 11 weeks
    Fina 75 mgs 6-13 week
    L-Dex 1 mg EOD

    I have a couple weeks left of fina just would like to know what dosage and when I should take all this stuff(clomid,L-Dex,nolv) together.

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    hey bro,
    run the 'dex up to and through your clomid therapy. when you stop the clomid, stop the 'dex too. you want no estrogen rebound at all. after the clomid does its job, test levels should be close to normal, so you can stop the 'dex.

    you can start the clomid 3 days after your last shot of fina, but run the fina a week longer to cover the taper out time of the test and eq. run the clomid this way:
    300mg day 1
    100mg days 2-11
    50mg days 12-21

    i see no need for nolva at this time. save it for another cycle.

    peace I4L

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