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    hey yall
    its my first time shooting up and i need some help. i shot up the other day using sus 250 and my ass is still hurting. Its been three days and i still walk with a limp and arg when i sit down. i just need some tips like if i should go to the other cheek for my next shot. also i need to know if theres anything i can do . i have heard before that if you massage it and use heat that it wont hurt. just need some tips... thanks MEN

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    u should alternate cheeks (let each cheek rest at least one week), as far as the soarness, i have never had any, so couldnt help u there!

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    it never hurts to alternate sites bro!!! i have put sust in my shoulders and it doesn't seem to hurt a much, for me anyway. though once or twice out of 40?, it hurt like hell. if you can cut it deca or b12 it lessens the bite..

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    Sust sometimes has a tendency to sting a little. Your soreness could be a result of scar tissue. Everytime you inject you create scar tissue and sometimes it can be very difficult to penetrate, aspirate , inject, and hold the syringe steady all at the same. All that extra movement will also create scar tissue. Your soreness should subside in a day or so. Just make sure that you always use proper sterile injecting procedures, and you should try and rotate your inject sites.

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    I am switching injecting locations on this cycle, not because of soreness, but ive read that you need to give your receptors a break. more than just switching cheeks every other time.

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