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    Post Fina Urinalysis Results. Fina VS. Kidneys

    I have been on a small dose of a Fina from 35mg a day to 75mg a day for 3 months. Just yesterday I have done a UA lab test and the results are in. I hope there is a MD here that can add some insight to my Urine results.

    ph = 6.0 (5-9)
    Sp. Gravity = 1.025 (01-35)
    Appearance = SL HZ
    Color = Yellow
    Protein = Negative
    Glucose = Negative
    Ketone = Negative
    Bilirub = Negative
    Blood = 1+ (negative) ABNORMAL!!
    Urobil = Norm
    Nirtrite = Negative
    Leuk = Negative

    WBC = Negative
    RBC = Negative
    Epith = Few
    Hyal Cast = Negative
    Gran Cast = Negative
    RBC Cast = Negative
    Bacteria = Few
    Mucus = Negative
    Crystals - Calcium OX = Moderate ABNORMAL!!

    INTERPRETATIONS **********
    Occasional <1+
    Few 1+
    Moderate 2+ - 3+
    Many 4+
    I have been on really only on Fina. My stack consist of just 1 test w/ Fina. NOw from my result it shows that I have blood in the urine which on regular person would mean that I have UTI infection but the bacteria level is within normal limits and there is not a rise in WBC. I dont have that much backround on this but If I have blood in the urine then whyon the microscopic would it mean negative on the RBC. The good news is that there is no protein in the urine. I guess Fina does cause the kidney to bleed. Thats why the color of my urine goes on a darker shade when im on it. Now dont get me wrong I do drink alot of water. But goes back to normal when im off it. And whats up with the Crystals? It could develop to kidney stones! Damn not even few but Moderate! Now that is alarming. No more salt for me! Even thou its a few blood in the urine it scares me that its not caused by an infection but only from Fina. I guess Im just going to blast thru with my 1 test now and do the fina only for a quick blast. Feel free to jump in Mods!


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    Thank you VERY much.

    I am a home made fina researcher. i am looking for any thing like this.

    I hope that everyone posts their test results like Shredder

    well done thanks

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    I want to echo Buddha's response. This is good shit to know. I'm thinking about posting my UA results after my cycle ends (about 6more weeks)
    Thanks again for the info.

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    No problem. I hope this sheds some light on some people who think fina wont harm the kidneys. Well ive been off it now for 4 days and my urine even after not drinking for awhile has been really clear.

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    I'd be curious to see someone's test results that run tren for a reasonable amount of time...i.e 6 weeks. I think you guys are nuts running it so long. Would you run a 17aa 12 weeks? 12 weeks of d-bol or a-bombs anyone? Anybody got 6-8 week test results?

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    For 17aa's I wouldn't do more than 4-6 weeks. IF going over 2 weeks ALWAYS double your water consumption and take milk thistle with it. You wouldn't catch me taking a50 for longer than 4 weeks.

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    Did you take Cranberry extract?

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    This causes some concern - however this is still inconclusive since this is one person's results. But much thanks for the post - I wish more folks were able to do this. Can you run the same anaylsis 8 weeks post cycle while adhearing to the same diet and supplements... minus the Fina. Those crystals could be from a high <a href="" target="_blank">protein</a> diet and/or a mineral/vitamin build up. Don't be too quick to say it was caused by Finaplix - there are other variables. Weight training alone can raise liver values.

    It makes me think - but the old belief that some kind of glue that binds the Fina together damages the kidneys is not correct - this was started by Duchaine. There is no glue. It's just pressure packed. The most toxic thing in Fina would probably be the yellow #5 color dye - which you can get by just drinkin' Mountain Dew.

    According to Brock Stasser, &quot;The idea that Finaplix (or Component TH) pellets contain talc and/or glue used to &quot;hold the pellets together&quot; was started by the late Dan Duchaine. Dan didn't possess any real knowledge about pharmaceutical compounding so he guessed that something was needed to hold the pellets together and that &quot;something&quot; was talc and glue.

    "He never defined exactly what &quot;glue&quot; was either. I mean, are we talking about the remains of Mr. Ed here or are we talking about Krazy Glue? These ideas, despite being erroneous, soon spread like gospel in the underground world. However, it's untrue, a total fabrication, and utter bullshit because Finaplix and Component TH contain neither talc nor liquefied Mr. Ed residue!

    "Both of these types of anabolic pellets contain yellow dye #5, methyl-cellulose (MC) and trenbolone acetate. That's all, folks! The pellets are compressed under extreme pressure (as are most pellets and tablets) and no &quot;glue&quot; is used, other than the extreme pressure. None of the kits on the market remove the yellow dye and one could argue that the other guy's kit does remove the MC and mine does not (MC is what causes the &quot;gooey residue&quot; in the other kit).

    "However, MC is essentially harmless. Don't believe me? MC is used as a surfactant in Testosterone suspension and Winstrol -V. It keeps your stanozolol and Testosterone from clumping up and sticking to the insides of the bottle. Now I know someone is going to start an argument with me here and post all over the place that I'm wrong and that I'm only saying the pellets don't contain talc or glue because my kit sucks and won't remove that stuff. So, here's the telephone number for the company that makes one of the pellets: 800-247-4838 and you can call between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST and verify my claim if you like.&quot;

    But Trenbolone in itself is a very androgenic steroid (more han testosterone) - that could be the cause of more side effects in some than others... if there is a concern, one should run test before trying tren .

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    On 2 seperate occassions, I have had blood in the urine and stones after extended tren cycles.

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