Quick overview

I ran Prop and Fina. I started to notice puffy nipples and a small bump right as I started Clomid. So I ran Nolvadex during clomid therapy. My clomid ended 3 days ago and so far everything has stayed the same, the lump is actually slightly more sensitive. I bumped the Nolvadex back up to 40mg ED, but i only have about 15/20mg tabs left.


1. Was the clomid a contributing factor to the gyno, and now that i have stopped it and continued nolva, should the problems subside??

2. Also, since I am running low on nolvadex, should I grab another round and run it for an extra month on its own, or is it already a lost cause?

3. Would it make a difference if i grab the liquid nolva from one of our sponsors (its less of a hassel this way) or should i go with my source and get the tabs??