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Thread: Home remedies!

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    Home remedies!

    Here's a couple of usefull home remedies for the body
    these could be helpfull during or after aas use.

    Liver Care:

    Avoid alcohol. Alcohol irritates the liver.
    Take the herbs dandelion and yellow dock to cleanse the liver and to purify the blood.

    The herb horse radish will help to reduce the size of a swollen liver.

    Drink strawberry leaf tea or peppermint tea to help heal liver ailments.

    For jaundice and cirrhosis, take vitamin E to aid with fat absorption.

    The herbs blessed thistle, cascara sagrada, garlic, fennel, safflower, barberry, catnip, and ginger may be taken in capsules to hasten the healing of liver ailments.


    Take B-complex and zinc supplements daily to strengthen the skin's resistance to acne.

    The herbs cayenne, garlic, ginseng, burdock, and sarsparilla taken orally can help rid the skin of blemishes.

    Avoid overwashing the skin, this dries out the skin and irritates it.

    Athlete's Foot:

    Rub the affected area with white vinegar.
    Apply brewer's yeast and honey twice daily.

    Dust feet with cornstarch before putting on shoes or socks.

    Avoid plastic or vinyl shoes.

    Bladder / Kidney Problems:

    Take psyllium husk and water daily to cleanse the colon. A colon full of toxins puts pressure on the bladder and leads to infection.
    Avoid packaged douches, tight nylons or underwear, or satin underwear.

    Urinate before and after sexual intercourse.

    To cleanse the bladder and kidneys of excess mucus and irritants, take the herbs St.-John's-wort or alfalfa in capsule form. Drink dandelion and peach bark tea.

    Take garlic and goldenseal in addition to vitamin C to fight infection.

    Take dolomite and water to fight bladder infections.

    Eat whole fresh cranberries to cleanse the kidneys.

    The herbs blessed thistle and white oak bark work well together in capsules or as teas toward healing infection.

    Drink dolomite with water to heal bladder infections.

    Grind fresh cranberries in the blender and add to plain yogurt (or soy yogurt) and eat daily.

    The herbs buchu and ura ursi rid the bladder of excess mucus, infection, gravel, stones, and retained water.

    Blood Pressure:

    High blood pressure results in part from a sodium-potassium imbalance caused by too much salt consumption. Bananas and whole wheat bread are rich in potassium to balance sodium levels.
    Stay away from salt, sugar, dairy products, processed food, and meats.

    Take valerian root to relax.

    Take dolomite in water.

    Exercise daily.

    Cayenne, garlic, and the herb passion flower regulate both high and low blood pressure.

    Ginseng, hyssop, and hawthorn, taken together, regulate high and low blood pressure.

    The herb barberry dilates the blood vessels and helps to bring high blood pressure down.

    vitamin E and zinc, taken daily, will help reduce high blood pressure.

    Heart Care:

    See a doctor if you have the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, and sweating, accompanied by a pain in the chest and the left shoulder and arm.
    Take dolomite to normalize cholesterol levels and to promote a healthy heart.

    The following herbs help to strengthen the heart and to cleanse the arteries and lower the blood pressure: hawthorn, garlic, and cayenne.

    Take lecithin, pectin, or alfalfa to lower the cholesterol level.

    Take the herb lobelia in small doses to control heart palpitations.

    The herb shepherd's-purse will slow heart palpitations if taken in small doses. Large doses may promote palpitations.

    Take small doses of the herb bayberry to excite the heart. Take large doses to slow the heart.

    Exercise regularly to strengthen the cardiovascular system.

    Nightmares(night sweats):

    Drink a tea made of hops or nettle to prevent night sweats.
    Take the herbs lobelia, scullcap, and yarrow in capsules to relax the mind before sleeping.

    Calcium, and vitamin D supplements are helpful in the prevention of nightmares.

    Prostate Gland:

    Parsley and juniper berries may be taken together to relieve a swollen prostate due to water retention.
    The herbs goldenseal and garlic fight infection in the prostate.

    The herb corn silk will fight painful urination due to prostate problems.

    The following hers prevent prostate problems: cayenne, ginger, ura ursi, and queen of the meadow.

    Bee pollen and ginseng together strengthen the prostate and promote physical endurance.

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    Good post paulastone! Very usefull info.

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    I like the part for the liver cleanse and purify the blood.
    i'll probly try that after my cycle or something

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    good info ..ill give it a bump

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