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Thread: cycle review

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    cycle review

    How does this cycle look?

    1-4 100 prop /ed
    1-17 900 enthanate /wk
    1-16 400 primo /wk
    8-19 100 Fina /ed
    13-19 50 masteron /ed

    and I'm stuck on whether I will add:

    1-8 50 var /wk

    Anyone have any opinions? I might end up lowering the enth dosage, and this will be my first run with primo and masteron. I know it's quite a bit, but I am used to running high doses. HCG starting mid cycle and continuing again post cycle.

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    Well this is a pretty much a straight up cutter, So I would run Liqdex throughout since your probably going to retain a fair amount of water off 900mgs per week of test.
    With or without the Var I like this cycle. If you have the $, and your used to high amounts of AS then throw the var in :-)
    I'm dying to try mast myself. Let me know how it goes.

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    looks good---big but good

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