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    Body Opus and A.S.

    Ok, Im about to do my second cycle. Im 21 5'7 10% bf. Ive been lifting hard for 4 years w/ a strict diet. I have a few questions about doing a cycle w/ the Body Opus diet. For thos that arent familiar w/ it...this diest consists of a high fat high protein 30 carbs a day for 5 days and the for 2 days you can basically eat what youd like. The reason for this is to carb load since your body is running fat as energy. Ive had a few friends of mine that have done this and have retained muscle mass and lowered body fat %'s in a matter of weeks. Im trying to lower mine from about 10% to about 5%. The only thing that my friends complain about while on this diet is that their muscle dont feel us pumped,hard or full. I think this has to do w/ the lack of glycogen in the muscles due to low carbs. But, theyve lowered body fat and retained and gained muscle w/ little to no cardio and steroid free. So, I was planning to try this diet in conjunction w/ my next cycle. Im hoping to gain more muscle,have pumps, and drop body fat faster w/ the help of this cycle. I just want to gain lean muscle mass while dropping body fat and was wondering what everyone thought about this from opinion or personal experince?
    Would there be a need for cardio in this?
    This is my cycle:

    Equipose--500mg (week 1-10)

    Sustanon 250--400mg (week 1-10)

    Winstrol --- 50 mg e.d. (week 6-11)

    Milk Thistle--1000 mg e.d.

    Nolvadex _just in case

    Clomid therapy after.

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    The Nolva will help lean you out on the Opus. I used some the last time I did the Opus and my arms were leaner at 165 lbs than they were contest time last year at 145 lbs.

    I've done the Opus many times and never felt flat or week. Intense cardio is impossible while in ketosis (the ketones just don't have enough jam and burn your lungs if you breath hard), but light cardio at the start of the week can help you get into ketosis.

    I wouldn't say that you can eat as you want during the refeed. I used to be quite meticulous with my carb-ups but in the last couple of years I just don't have the self control and went nuts with the food. I still lost weight, just very slowly.

    I found that carbing up from 10 pm Saturday to 10 pm Sunday allows me to have a gorge fest (pizza every Sunday) and not spill over.

    With your cycle and if you follow the opus to the letter you'll loose weight and retain muscle. If you go with 1/2 the carbs that Duchaine recommends then you'll get ripped.

    Also, don't concern yourself with the fat-protein ratio. While carb depleting try to get .9 grams of protein per pound of lean body weight. Subtract this from your target calories and make the rest of from fat. You'll find that you'll most likely end up at a 50-50 ratio instead.


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