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    Tren/winny after eq/winny ?

    Hey guys.Im currently on my 3rd week out of 10 of eq 400 week plus winny 50 mg EOD.Im thinking on doing this cycle,hold for 3 or 4 weeks,and then go on Trenbolone and winny for 6/8 weeks...whats your opinion on this ? aprecciate any advice.Thank u

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    There is no reason to take 3 or 4 weeks off before starting the tren . You will not have recovered. If I was going to do what you suggested using the compounds you have I would run it like this:

    1-6 50mg winny ED
    12-18 50mg winny ED
    1-15 400mg EQ week
    10-18 75mg tren ED

    Start clomid 3 days after last winny/tren shot.

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