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    Talking Epitestosterone!!!

    Hello everyone,

    Just a quick question, how long after finishing a cycle will your epitestosterone levels return to the your normal level. For instance, if I'm just completing a 5 week cycle of :

    Dianabol 30mg e/d
    Test Prop 600mg e/w

    I know that the above subsances are not detectable after 2/3 weeks, but how long before your epitestosterone levels reurn to normal levels. Many Athletes these days get positive drugs test because of their epi levels and not because a substance has been found. I am IOC tested - any help please!!!

    I've made some awesome gains, and I'm very happy with wahat IO have achieved this time round. This is probably my 10th cycle I'm 109kgs and 6feet 2inches.

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    1. why did u run it for only 5 weeks

    2. 10 cycles, tell me u are bigger than ronnie coleman or gunter please lol !

    3. do u take clomid and hcg after ur cycoe to return ur test levels to normal ?

    usually time on = time off !

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    Hi Gundam,

    Thanks for your reply but it didn't answer my question. No, I'm not that big - I control my weight and size quite well. I have to avoid the stigma that someone using juice might get. My cycles are always short and I never use anything that will be in the system for more than 2 months. When I say in the system I mean detectable.

    As an athlete I am tested and therefore need to avoid getting caught.

    I use novadex during the cycle to prevent gyno and to help hold the excess water off. Your Epitestosterone levels shouldn't take too long to correct themselves but I was wondering if someone could give me a more accurate time scale ie approx 1 week or 2weeks.

    I normally put in 4 cycles over the winter period and then nothing during the whole of the summer. So from now untill October I won't take anything, other than the odd shot of Test Suspension which gives me an instant strength boost.

    There you have it.

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