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    What Diet and Cardio for this next cycle?

    Im 5'7 185 and 10% bf. Im about to start a Test/Eq/Winny cycle. Im looking to gain lean muscle mass and drop body fat. Id like to get at about 5% and retain all of my muscle mass.I was thinking of doing the high fat,high protein, 30 carbs diet (body opus). In the past 4 years that Ive been training hard I did a high protein,mid carb,low fat diet and did fine But, now I gained some fat and need to lose it. I was going to do cardio 4 times a week by walking on an incline for 30 mins.

    Eq---500 10 weeks
    Test--400 10 weeks
    winny 50 mg ed 6 weeks

    I was wondering if this body opus diet would be the best thing for me?

    Would this cardio be sufficient for me on this cycle??

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    chinups Guest
    It sounds like you are lean. I would do cardio at high intensity instead of that walking shit. We are like the same body type and I have been getting good results with 3-4 times a week. I do stairmaster (20min) and treadmill (10min).

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    i agree with chinups here...with you being a pretty lean individual, walking won't produce the results that you want out of this cycle.

    high intensity cardio will really rev your metabolism and let you burn fat without losing muscle since the gear will be in effect.

    the body gets used to aerobic training and conditioning very quickly, so using the same machine for the same amount of time and the same intensity every session will lead to a plateau in weight loss.

    mix it up, use different machines, and go for different amounts of time.

    my body responds well to a A-B-A-C routine where the intensity/duration is as follows:

    A - 70% THR for 1 hour
    B - 80% THR for 30 min
    C - 90% THR for 15 min

    i have gotten great results from this split while on winny/fina/T3, so look into freshening your training up and explore new options.

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    thanks guys! I think im gonna go w/ 30 mins high intensity 3 times a week to get the rest of the fat off and take little rest between my sets and hopefully this'll do the trick. What do yall think?

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