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Thread: Drug Testing...

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    Drug Testing...

    Ok, my new job has drug testing, I figure it is just for marijuana which brings up 2 questions. First of all I have smoked like 5 times in the past 2 weeks on the weekends. I'm drinking a gallon of water on off days and about 2 on workout days which is about 4-5 times a week. How long do you think the THC will stay in my system? I might buy some detox and I have a bottle of clean piss for testing. Now my second question, is taking a cycle going to effect the scores on these job tests because I want to be able to take one while I still have a job. Eating gets really expensive! Thanks.

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    They woon't be testing for AS, unless it's law enforcement and even that is a long shot. You test is probably a Schedule 8, don't have to worry about the roids, but the dope might get ya

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    Marajuana etc stays detectable for up to 28 days. You've obviously smoked this so it will be in your blood stream through your lungs, therefore drinking water will not do a great deal in flushing it out. If it had gone through your stomach ie like a pill, which then breaks down through your liver, drinking a shit load of water will help - a bit.

    Hope that helps.

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