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    Injection Times?

    I am currently stacking some Primo and some Winny. I dont take them both on the same day at all times but on the days in which I take both of them is it best to take them both at the same time? Or is it possible to take one in the morning and one in the afternoon or pre and post workout? And another thing, should I or should I not mix them into the same needle? Thanks for your help.

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    Yeah u can do pretty much whatever u want, although I personally woulnd't mix primo and winny in the same shot. I like to spot inj winny so I would definetly split em up.

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    liste to baraso.

    water/oil shots can be done, and are all the time..but just to be safe do two seperate. whenever u want tho...right after the other..or one morning one night.

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