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Thread: test200 ?'s

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    test200 ?'s

    does the marine corps test for steroids ??

    any info or links will be greatly appreciated!!

    does test 200 or 250 show up on tests or not???
    ive heard different stories. Some say it doesnt becasue it is just testosterone , and Since testosterone is natural they cant test for it. But other steroids with man made chemicals and ingredients are the main ones that they test for. is this true or bogus?!?!

    this is a great discussion group almost all my ?'s have been answered. I cant say that for others. Thanks alot to all of you out there willing to help!!!!

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    if u do a search ull find all ur awnsers.not usre if they test for gear or not its a whole different test they test for rec drugs .but if they do test ya for gear yes it bwill show up !

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    I would be careful with the marine’s physical. I'm not sure what all they test for, but I would think they would do an in depth blood work because “your ass will be property of the us government “ Good luck and thanks for serving our country !!!!

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