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    Juice and diet pills?

    I just started a cycle a while ago, it's mainly a cutting cycle but i also want to gain some strength and mass while i'm at it. I was wondering if it was beneficial to use hydroxycut while on my cycle. I use it because it gives me an extra boost of energy during my work out but i dont' want to lose too much weight while i'm at it in fear of losing muscle. I try to eat as much as possible and i take a lot of protein. So you guys think that hydroxycut might prevent me from gaining the most muscle i can and the juice will give me all the boost i need or do you guys think that hydroxycut won't have a negative effect? thanx.

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    Hydroxycut does give u a boost in ur energy but as far as it concerns loosing muscle while cutting, i think u shouldn't worry about Hydroxycut as much as u should about juicing. Becoz if u don't use ur post cyclce medications properly, u might loose quite allot of ur muscle as well. Hydroxycut might affect ur muscle growth negatively but i don't think it will be as big of a deal as the juice, depending on what ur taking. I'd say keep ur protein intake around 1.5g/lb of ur body weight and u might be good to go. It won't harm u to increase ur protein intake but i won't suggest to go lower than that, i guess it's up to u.

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