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    any suggestions on how i should stack this

    i got 2 200mg 10ml ttokkyo Eq
    2 250mg 10ml of Quality Vet Ethanate
    Stanol V 100mg 20ml of ttokkyo winny
    14 amps of Testorone ICN human grade
    16 100mg 2ml of Organon deca durabolin

    Im not looking to use all of it at the same time i just wanna know wat i should stack im currently 176 im not looking to get huge huge but i wanna be a solid 195 or so. Any suggestions?

    i play baseball gotta stay mobile i play ss

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    wk 1-10 400mg EQ
    wk 1-11 500mg test enanthate
    wk 8-13 50mg winny ed

    Do you have your anti-e's and clomid for post cycle? You don't have enough deca for a full cycle, and you'll end up with some leftover test for next time. You could also leave out the winny as it may cause you to stiffen up a little because of dry joints and could affect your mobility.


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    moto- you've got it right on, though I would use more test.

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