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    How much test for 2nd cycle?

    I am preparing my second cycle. My first was just QV Deca 300 for 10 weeks. I got some nice results. Gained about 10lbs up to 171. Presently have about a week left of my clomid therapy.
    I am planning on doing deca again, perhaps going with 400mg a week, but this time adding test. I am thinking about Testoviron or Sust, but now sure if I should do 250mg or 500mg a week? Seems most recommend 500, but this will be my first use of test, should I go that much right away or wait. I know that 300mg/week is about the lowest recommended dosage for Deca, how about for test? Is 250mg/week more or less a waste? I am going to make this cycle 12 weeks.

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    Go 500mgs of test for the entire 12 weeks. Stop the deca in week 11.
    Week 1-12 Test 500mgs
    Week 1-11 Deca 400mgs
    Clomid 2 weeks after last shot of test.

    Currently you should be running clomid for 4 weeks since your using deca. Apply that same rule when u do your next cycle.

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    ^^^^^^^ Agrees with the above. Always keep your test higher then anything else. Test should always be the base of your cycle. If you had good gains off of just deca expect about double with 500mg of Test... And welcome to the board.

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    i agree with mbaraso. go with 500ml of test for 12 weeks

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