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    Cycle Progess seekin advice

    Currently ive been running this

    every week 300mg QV Deca Nangolin (sp) 1-10
    every week 300mg Test Enthanate/test propinate (its aratest) 2-10
    every day 50mg Anadrol weeks 1-3

    Im currently on week 3 and stopped the anadrol i was gonna run it for 4 weeks but i started getting aches from my kidneys so it was my bodys way of saying no more ! but i started the test on week 2 cuz i was broke and got it then , but so far ive gone from 134lbs to 153lbs and now im repping with 200lbs on bench , im only 5'7 so ive litterally blown up. Ive been taking in about 3000-5000 calories ive been eating alot of protein and more recently alot of fat too not saturated. I think im maximizing my gains but i dont know really i lift every day thanks to the anadrol boost but is that ok ? any suggestions on food intake or lifting schedule? i havent noticed any gyno symptons and ive been taking vitex and have provorin at my disposial. every day i get in the gym im 20x more pumped than ever i would appreciate any advice yall got for me so i can maximize my gains .

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    well, if it aint broke, dont fix it ! nice gains, seems like alot of it is water though, but ull get around mebe 20 - 30 lbs solid mass...good luck !

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