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    Question AM I taking enough??? EQ, Winney

    Hi Guys,
    New here. I like the site. Well organized
    I'm 6'1
    age 24, working out for 12 years
    QV Bold paid $150
    QV Stan paind $200

    I'm taking
    200 once a week EQ (400 week 4 +5)
    50 every other day winney last 40 days.

    What do you think of this cycle and what I paid. should I have added a test? 4 or 5 shots of sust. Please help I would like better results next summer. I'm on week 6 and have gained 5 pounds and a little harder. Next summer I would like to gain about 15 pounds. I can only get sust @ $10-15 amp and the above. Maybe a little deca or prop. Please let me know your thoughts for next summer. would like to look nice and lean and not too much like a "juice monkey." I'm all natural is what i tell people now. Ha, just a little creatine (used that one today). I'm sure everyone here has used that one before.
    thanks for the help

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    Honestly bro no cycle is complete without some form of test in it.

    Just my 2c. Thrown in some test next time and you'll see a big difference.

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