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Thread: Hiv

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    Exclamation Hiv

    Have you guys heard of any crackhead or a HIV positive man who has access to all sorts of gear legally, being a bodybuilder or use it to come back as a bodybuilder and went from a junkie to a BAD Ass built mother fucker

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    One of the finalists in the Body for Life Challenge a few years ago was HIV positive and he got pretty built.

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    yeah i remember that. Hiv Patients got it made Except for the fact that they got HIV but they do get lots of cool anti wasting drugs like test and GH . Infact most bodybuilders find guys on the net that have aids and just buy the GH from Them at a cheaper price.

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    I am pretty sure that one of the medical uses for nandrolone decanoate (deca ), is to prevent muscle wasting in AIDS patients.

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    It's one of those I wish I were, but not cases. I'd rather just pay and sneak my stuff around and not have to worry about aids. I'm sure they would too.

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    I have found that many anti-aging doctors will prescribe AAS under the guise of H.I.V. Though it becomes a little pricey when everything is said and done. But if you're worried about legal issues or you are having a hell of a time finding a good source, than it might be something to look in to.

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